Sticker Albums

Growing up in the 80’s no childhood was complete without a sticker album. Whether it was Panini, Scratch and Sniff, Lisa Frank, puffy, fuzzy or hologram stickers that you collected you needed a rad album to display them in.

A few years ago I got my kids into sticker collecting and we were dismayed by the available options for albums. I spent months scouring the net for something similar to the awesome books I had as a kid and came up empty handed.

We decided to make our own. We sat in our dining room with a few pads of paper, a laminating machine and a dream. We had so much fun that we decided to make a few and throw them up in my shop. Surely there are other kids who collect stickers who are in desperate need of a cool album.

You can visit my shop here: Retro Plastic

Who says you have to grow up? I am 40 years young and I made myself a sweet Jem and the Holograms themed sticker album. Now I need some radical vintage stickers to put in it. Thinking of making a Misfits version. Neon green and zebra stripes? I am in!

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